Monday, July 6, 2015

Adios Sister Matthews!

This week I am far too lazy to actually write out my email. So I'm
just going to dictate the whole thing on my iPad. For those of you
that aren't as tech savvy as others... Dictation is simply when I
speak into my iPad and it types everything for me making things a
whole lot faster. Hopefully my thoughts can keep up with my words. But
probably not...

As you can see from the title of my email, transfers are here. :( yep
Sister Matthews is gone. I'm not sure how I always get to be the one
left behind and the one that stays in the area the longest but it
happens and I'm grateful that I get to stay here in Jasper. However
what's going to be happening is a bit odd. And it's ironic that I said
adios because I'm going to be a learning sone espanol. YUP, They're
making Jasper what is known in the mission as a "Tiger team" that's
when an English and in Spanish missionary are companions. It gets
pretty intense because now I'm going to have to start learning Spanish
every morning which is funny because really I have no idea how to
speak a lick of Spanish and I'm going to be starting to teach Spanish
people… Which is a problem because again… I don't speak Spanish and
now I'm gonna have to learn it and speak it every single day of my
life... All I can say is thank goodness for Heavenly Father and the
opportunity that he has now to teach me 1) humility 2) talk less and
3) listen. But in reality it's going to be difficult because not only
now are we sister training leaders over English sisters but also over
the Hermanas in this general area. So now I'm going to try and help
missionaries that know Spanish and teach Spanish people well I'm just
sitting there looking like uh.. I don't know what's happening man. But
it will be a learning experience like I said, and I'm super grateful
for that. Just wish me luck and send lots of prayers my way hopefully
I'll figure something out. ๐Ÿ˜ฌAnd maybe next week this week this will
be in Spanish… But probably not. I'm going to miss Sister Matthews a
lot… She really is my other half. ๐Ÿ’” do you know my other companion
though I forgot to mention her name her name is Hermana Hopwood. I
know a little bit but not very much. I've just seen her in passing at
meetings but it's going to be awesome and I'm really excited to get to
know her and I will update you all next week.

This week it was a great blessings we got to stay in our area the
whole time. Which isn't completely true because we actually had to
leave early to go to MLC meeting. Those meeting are amazing.  We were
with our mission president and all the zone leaders and sister
training leaders in the mission. Those meetings are always my favorite
because the spirit is so strong it hits you like a freaking wall. It
truly is something amazing to be able to see the revelation for the
mission unfold and find ways to best help the missionaries and leaders
to best work together to help those who we are teaching the gospel to

This week we've had a really cool experience with a member of our
ward. It goes back to a few weeks ago so take it back now… So last
transfers sister in Matthews and I got a text message from my relief
Society president, she was texting to ask us if we could go on and try
to see this member named Don Turner. We said absolutely so we go to
visit the person and his wife answers the door. She opens the door and
tells us that her husband is at home at the moment And the best time
to catch him is at a later time. Our point in visiting him was to help
him get to church, but we weren't able to see him.. And we didn't know
what to do. But for the last three weeks maybe even four Don Turner
has been coming to church. We learned the importance of just having
someone on your mind and showing interest in them, can have a huge
impact on them. So if you have something on your mind or somebody even
thinking about going to see then I said there's anything you can do
for them and them knowing that you cared enough to stop by can make a

Now it's time for the funny story so we have this awesome investigator
name is Ralph and he has no legs and he is hilarious. We met him
because a member asked us to to go and try to teach this person about
the gospel. So we go and he lets us into his room (he lives in a
nursing home) and we teach them about the the restored gospel. He
shows interest and wonders what it can do for him. Because he always
says "God is everything to me." As we teach him about the priesthood
and baptism by that proper authority he lights up and he looks at us
and he says oh my word I didn't know that I'm so sorry. We begin to
explain to him that it's not his fault that he didn't know, that's why
we were here to share with them and that this is something that can
bless his life more than anything else. So FlashForward..  we go and
see Ralph one more time before Sister Matthews leaves. I was sitting
there in the doorway of his room talking to him when down the hall
rolls this freaky looking man in a wheelchair with a hat on. Sister
Matthews and I being our friendly selves said "hey sir how are you
doing?" that was our first mistake. He comes right up to us looks it's
right in the eye and starts quoting Bible scriptures to us. We just
got to stand there look at him like what the heck is happening.
Because really we had no idea what was happening at this man is just
going on and on and on about these scriptures they were completely
random and really have no relevance to anything else that he was
saying. And then he looks at us so seriously that It could pierce you
to the very soul and said "I. know. my. Bible." Then somebody walked
down the hall and says hey sir! And he turns and says hi I'm just
preaching to these two girls right here. Confused if you try to end
the conversation with him. Then he goes "do you know where Jehovah
comes from?" Then he talked about David and Goliath. Which was really
confusing because again it didn't have anything to do with what was
happening so we kind of started snickering a little bit he gets all
serious and says "I. Am a Jehovah. Witness." He said it as if he was
going to stab us. We tell them that we have to go because we don't
have too much time left, and he said "I hope you learned something
today and I hope you know that I know where Jehovah came from" I said
uh yes sir I did learn something. Because this whole situation was
totally out rages obviously Sister Matthews laughs because it was
hilarious. And he turns to her and he says "do you think this is a
laughing matter." Sister Matthew like she's about to die said "no
sir." And then he says "do you think I'm a fool?" And now we're about
ready to just burst out laughing because... is this for real?! And
that's not all then because he sees that were like in shock he says "I
guess I just have a weakness for two pretty ladies." Like where the
heck did that come from you were just about to kill us?! Well that's
what it seemed like anyway.. And then he followed up with "I guess any
real man would." And that was our experience with the crazy man in the
hallway at the nursing home. It all seems like a blur. And we saw our
lives flash before our eyes.

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July! For those were curious
about what I did I spent my day preaching the Gospel! But in the
evening we got permission to go to a baseball game here in Huntingburg
(next to Jasper) in the league stadium which the movie "a league of
our own" with Tom Hanks was filmed! Yup that's right, I was on the
site of a movie! It was so much fun and we went with the met the
MOGLES! Who are like the cutest family ever met in my life. It was
amazing to get together with them to watch the baseball game and watch
fireworks and to celebrate this great country that we live in. God
bless it!

"I have a half eaten carrot in my purse… I didn't know what to do with that."
"I'm like a pelican… Everything just go straight down the gallon."
"You're never going to find yourself a good man if you keep using him
as a punching bag."
"You can't go to the zoo in China because they look at you more than
they look at the animals."
"I don't dance with Elfman, that's the sign of a sissy."

You cover someone's  peep hole and get called out.

When you drive past the drive-through but forgot your lemonade so you
have to go back to the drive through window and tap on the glass.

When the car behind you just dodges you and then go straight over the
train tracks when the lights were flashing because It didn't want to
wait for a train....then the train comes five seconds later.

I hope you all had amazing Fourth of July and have an awesome week
this week! I love you and miss you all and hope that you're doing
great things. Don't forget the impact that you can have just by doing
the little things, service is the key to great happiness. Laugh lots!

Much love
Sister Wagner

Pictures from the 4th!

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