Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hittin the pavement

Mi compañera es Hermana Hopwood. Ella es muy bien!! Esta ayudándome
español! Somos misioneras de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de
los últimos Dias. haha Okay That is about the extent of my Spanish
thus far! But I am working on it and that is okay! I am working on it.
I can kind of say a prayer... But it is really rough. But as I go
slow.. I can say at least a few things. Thank goodness Hermana hasn't
made me say anything to any of the Hispanics around here because I
don't know if they would really appreciate my broken Spanish just to
have them respond and me not be able to haha.. But I have a feeling
that this coming week.. I am going to be pushed out of my comfort zone
and have to tell someone who we are in Spanish. YIKES. Wish me luck! I
have been trying hard to learn as much as I can.. with not too much
success. But I just keep reminding myself I wasn't called to speak
Spanish. haha and if I was meant to speak it... I would have been.
Learning is just a perk of being with a Spanish speaking sisters!

It has been AWESOME working with Hermana Hopwood. Not only is she one
of the most Christ-like people I have ever met, The area is just
booming because about 1/2 of the people we see everyday are Hispanic
and cant speak English..and now...unlike before...they can hear the
gospel in their native tongue rather than having two girls attempt to
tell them something they don't understand. SO now..we get to teach
both the English and Spanish speakers. It is really the best of both

And here is a miracle that resulted: SO Hermana and I decided to go to
these Apartments that are in this big house. I had seen hispanics walk
in that apartment place many times, so I had never gone in the past
because I wouldn't be able to help them! But we took the leap into the
house with hermanas Spanish skills following us. And knocked each of
the doors. door 1. No answer. door 2. Spanish speaker who wanted to
learn more. door 3. no answer. door 4. A young pregnant woman named
Fran. And she said that we could come back and share our message
with her! So fast forward to when we said we would come back, like 3
days later. We say hello and ask her how she is doing, she said that
he had just had her baby the night before, and that she hadnt made it.
Startled and heart broken for this poor young mom we testify of
eternal families and how we know she can see her daughter again. We
ask if we can say a pray and she invites us in. and there on the couch
is her significant other, Ben. We end up teaching them the plan of
salvation sharing with them the things that are possible because of
Jesus Christ. And about life after death. The spirit in the room was
so strong. At the end of the lesson, Ben looks at us and says, "this
is very convincing, I believe that this is true, I had never had
answers about this before." It was amazing to bring light and hope to
these young parents at this time in their life. We asked if we could
come back and teach them more, and they gladly accepted. I love having
the chance to share this message with others, and open doors to them
for peace and greater happiness. It was such a miracle. God placed us
in their path at the perfect time to help them.

On a lighter note: The first day Hermana Hopwood and I were together,
it was raining. We were out and about talking with people and it wasnt
raining very hard at all. We see this man with an umbrella walking in
our direction, so of course we jump to talk to him. As we get talking.
He tells us "take this umbrella" so we say obiously "No thank you sir,
we are alright!" and then he gets all serious and says.. "In the name
of Jesus Christ, TAKE THIS UMBRELLA." and we reply, "Sir we dont need
it, our car is so close, you need it more than us." with an odd
reply.. he said "do you think you are better than me? take this
umbrella in the name of Jesus Christ take this ****bleep****
umbrella!" Long story short..we never took the umbrella. Hermana
hopwood just looked at him and said "sir you are making us feel
uncomfortable, we are going now" and that was that! That really

That moment when...
-You teach an investigator the word of wisdom while he is drunk...
-Your investigator is talking in spanish to someone and they look at
you and they ask if you know spanish...
-you and your companion wait 15 minutes to use the bathroom before you
realize it's empty
-your investigator shakes your hand...and then brings your hand up to
their forehead.

"santa claus, the easter bunny, the book of Mormon, they're all the
same" No sir..not at all.

I hope that you all have an awesome week! I love and miss you all a
ton! Keep laughing and smiling! It will just bless your life :)

*All names have been changed for the privacy of the investigators*

Emailing from the other's lounge at church! so comfy!

We have a goal of three baptisms..we had to have a good picture for
our iPad wallpaper

 Exchanges this week! Hermana Hopwood, Stephens, Peterson, and myself! 

 Sister Shumway, SISTER HOLT, and myself :)
Sister Shumway is a brandnew missioanry! and sister holt is training her! and I trained sister holt.. So this is a generation picture!

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