Monday, January 26, 2015

Skate what? Skate Park!

This has been the most, most funny, most unexpected week of my whole entire mission...IT. WAS. GREAT.

You are all probably wondering what the title of this letter means. LET ME TELL YOU.

So the past week Sister Holt and I have found ourselves drawn to the skate park. That sounds SUPER weird. BUT! really it is actually ingenious. So we went to the skate park this week. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED:

Chapter 1) initial contact
We were at district meeting about an hour away from our area and we drove back and started walking around and lost track of time...come to find out we totally missed an appointment. Oops. We have no idea why that happened.. and we felt horrible. from that point on we just thought our day was over. what was the point. we already messed it up. So feeling like we had no reason to live or work we prayed, and repented and asked Heavenly Father to forgive us for getting side on less important things.. (good better best). After the prayer we remembered we had passed 2 kids at the skate park (E.. and I....), we decided that if we were going to do everything that we could to make the most of our time...we needed to go back. Which was kind of a joke because the last time we went to the skate park we got turned down..BIG TIME. so we go over and tell them we are missionaries..and they said come in and talk and they sat on their boards and we talked about the gospel...SAY WHAT. then after a little while 8 other skaters showed up and Sister Holt and I felt like we were preaching on a soap box but then they started skating in circles around that point it got out of control BUT we didnt leave without a prayer. We gathered them all together in a circled and prayed. It sounds just as ridiculous as it looked. Trust me. Then we get a call from I..., who actually wanted to learn and who we gave a book of Mormon to...Then we texted E... because he seemed interested and he said to order a pizza from his work..(he is a delivery guy).

Chapter 2) Shaggy and I....
The next day...WE GO BACK! because we usually park in the parking lot that is right by the park because it is a good central point. We walk past the skate park and see new ones..embarrassed and not wanting to talk to them...we felt prompted to. EVERY SKATE NEEDS THE GOSPEL. So we went over there and BAM! there was I... the one that had called and wanted to know more. And Sister Holt started a conversation with him while I shared the message with Shaggy. I ended up teaching him a restoration/plan of salvation lesson why Sister Holt in all her glory was teaching a lesson to I....! Shaggy was super awesome! and had lots of amazing questions that could be answered with the restored gospel. It was such a cool experience to see his face light up with greater understanding...and then his girlfriend pulled up and he said that she would be mad if she saw him talking with me so I gave him a pamphlet and he skated off...never to be heard of again. But Sister Holt had a killer lesson with I....!

Chapter 3) Snappy Tomato E...
We decided to order a pizza from Snappy Tomato Pizza where E.... works. So we called and got a small Hawaiian pizza and asked if E... could deliver it "I'm sorry we actually don't take requests anymore it is just about whose turn it is" HA Jokes on you 'Rachel' we got God on our side. So bummed Sister Holt and I prayed and thought hey! If it is God's will we see will be his turn! So 20 minutes later...our phone rings...who is it? E...! "Hey sooo...I have your pizza and I think im at your house...I see your little red car" WHATTTT??!?!?!?!?!? It was E...  what is going on.. God is REAL. Miracles are real...LIFE IS GOOD. So we pay for our pizza and E... is like.. So I have a couple questions.. I... left that book of Mormon in my van and I started reading (wait he did what?!) and then he goes..."so Christ came to America" YES HE DID E... YES HE DID. Only thing bad...Sister Holt didn't get her ranch

Chapter 4) the awaited follow up text
so yesterday when we went to go park our car in the same spot we always do we see E..! And we ask when we can teach him more and he said he would get his schedule tomorrow and let us know when he is off. So we decided to let him come to us to really gauge his interest level. Well this morning we get a text as were are sitting here emailing...that said "I'm free on Wednesday and Thursday" so you all can be sure Wednesday and Thursday we will see E....

SO.. note to all of you caught up with people who don't want to hear about the Gospel. GO TO THE SKATE PARK those people are ready. Because they aren't already "saved" like everyone around here..and they are seeing that something weird is going on with all these other churches and have tones of amazing questions that can all be answered by the restored gospel. Soo hit 'em up.

To be honest this all happened the second half of the week so this about sums up the interesting things that have happened this week haha this one is for the books!

I love the gospel and it is so much fun to share it with total strangers. is it weird...yes....awkward? absolutely. Worth it? YOU BET. I love the work that I am doing out here and most of the time it doesn't even feel like work! We also met another awesome skater kid during all of this it was so fun. And they are really open and willing to talk with you...I am so blessed!

Thank you all so much for all that you do for me! and thank you for all your prayers! I heard that there is A TON of snow coming your way Mainers so please be careful! Don't get over confident in your snow driving abilities! I love you all! Enjoy the cold! and know that you are always in my prayers! Have an amazing week and keep on doing what ever it is normal people do these days...

Quotes in Corbin:

"when you are sitting at work and you can smell your own feet, that's pretty bad."
"I used to smoke marbles...and now I'm smoking cheap brand"
"sometimes I cuddle my lettuce"


--Sister Wagner

1. Sister Holt with a chocolate chip on her tooth.
2. classic comp timer selfie

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