Tuesday, January 20, 2015


If you asked me what happened this week I would probably tell you..good question I don't know...this week is such a blur! but I am hoping as I type I will remember because this week just FLEW by.

so far nothing has come to me....

M.... P... IS BACK. Thank goodness! So he feel off the map for awhile and we had no idea what happened to him. It was like all of the sudden he disappeared and we would hear from him and then we wouldn't and we don't know what happened! But now he is back in full force and wanting to do and be better than he ever has before. We were really were worried! but now we aren't! Thank goodness that he is back! because we were starting to loose our minds.

oh! How could I forget! I AM STAYING IN CORBIN ANOTHER 6 WEEKS! It has been nearly 6 months here...and at the end of the 6 weeks I will have been in Corbin for 7 months... It is a black hole and I am starting to think that I will NEVER leave. But I am SOOOO excited for these next 6 weeks. Sister Holt and I are going to be tearing it up! We are so excited to be together again because we have a ton of fun and it is always a big learning experience. And it is just great all together! unfortunately I think that I will be leaving my home in Corbin at the end of these 6 weeks but who knows....sooo..all this being said..BRING ON THE MAIL! 

This week all our efforts have come through and we have found many new people ready to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ! We were blessed enough to find 7 new people to teach this week! which really isn't typical because people don't really want to learn unfortunately! but we never stop trying! there are lots of people that are humble here that want to learn it is just a matter of finding them and giving to them what they had no idea they were missing!

This week I have been picking my brain for the name of this movie.. Sister Holt played a song by Michael McClean and this movie came to my mind that I wanted when I was really little about this lost dog and his owner was looking for him and I just could NOT remember the name of the movie or anything about it besides a couple of scenes...and every time I think about it i would go into a panic because I just couldn't think of what the movie is called! thanks to my AWESOME mom.. I now know the movie is called The Seventh Brother. It is an adorable cartoon movie. I would suggest you all go and watch it because what little I can remember is fantastic. so take the time to look it up.. you wont regret it.

This week you will probably notice pictures of the place called You&Me Coffee and Tea..they have more options so there is no need to fear! best hot coco ever imported from Brooklyn...#class So Sister Holt and I drive past it all the time and every time we do sister Holt exclaims that it is the cutest place ever and we need to go. So here comes E.... a convert of just over a year who spends a lot of time going teaching with us..and he wanted to have a lesson..because he isn't married we cant go to his house and it is too cold to sit on a porch we said HEY! lets go to you&me. so we go! And we fall in love with the atmosphere of this classy little place full of joy and awesome people! SO we get talking to the guy who is working.. his name is Aaron and he asks us where we are from and we say where and that we are missionaries and that it is our first time going there. and he says! OH! I know Mormons. I lived in Boise Idaho or awhile and was really good friends with this guy who served his mission here in Kentucky.. So then we say because its our first time what are our options and he names like hot chocolate and herbals teas and we are like you know?!?! and he was like YEAHHH my friend and I would go to shops like this all the time and he would just get hot chocolate! It was SOO nice to have someone know our standards. We are now regulars. Such a nice place to have lessons. The Library I think is getting sick of us. We know all but like 2 of the workers by name... LOVE BEING A REGULAR AS A MISSIONARY! planting those seeds!

This week we got to talk to C... and H... more about the gospel and they are now working towards baptism hopefully at the end of this month! They both love the gospel and are noticing the changes that are coming in their lives because of it! I love to see the growth and change that comes when people bring the gospel into their lives!

I know that the more we count our blessing the more we will come closer to our father in heaven and the more we will realize his great amount of love for us! He loves us individually and answers every righteous prayer in his own time. and I am grateful for that. This past Sunday we went into primary and shared with all the little children simple things that let us know that God loves us. Simple things like our bodies and our pets, and food, and families, show us how much God loves us. NATURE. The world around us is a simple testimony of that truth.

I wish I could remember more of what happened this week..but I cant! haha

THANK YOU BEV! I got your card this week and it was amazing! Made my day!
THANK YOU ANGIEEEE!!!!!!!! I finally got my Christmas Package! it was stuck up in Louisville and they didn't bring it to me till this week! I opened it and my companion said "She really knows you!!" YES YOU DO! LOVE YOU!

Quotes in Corbin:
(My quotes are in short supply! an I don't know why!)

"I'm not the coffee house type. very anti-hipster. and frankly places like that put me on edge"

I LOVE YOU ALL!! thank you for al the love and support you give me! Keep on doing what you know to be right and keep smiling and enjoying the Cold...

I am livin' it up here in Corbin..where it is 50 degrees and sunny!

Much Love,
Sister Wagner

The atmosphere of this place is killer

 The best hot chocolate ever from You&Me Coffee and Tea. Sister Holt and I are now regulars.....

 Sister Holt and I at You&Me

3 dollar shoes from the goodwill....#steal

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