Tuesday, February 2, 2016

UH HOW MANY DAYS? (1/25/16)

I have no shame in the fact that this email is going to be a complete
bust. I prepared you all for this sucky email a couple weeks ago so
here it is.

This week we met an angel. This angel is Celine! She is literally a
light in a dark alley! SO this area is like a struggling puppy. Yeah,
that's how I'm going to describe it. It's hard! and the Work is
exhausting. Sister Spiteri and I have been busting out trying to find
people to teach, our efforts have been less than successful. BUT we
haven't lost faith. So this week the Elder, bless them, through a
series of events came in contact with Celine, they couldn't teach her
so they let us know about her. woot woot! SO Celine lives across from
member who has been sharing the gospel with her! So she has been
reading the book of Mormon, and LOVES IT! We had a really a really
great lesson with her, one of those lessons that makes missionaries
just love what life is about, love the spirit that the gospel brings.
Just such good stuff. It would be even spiritual for the fly on the
wall! Then we got to see her later in the week, and had a lesson on
temples..our second lesson...about temples..what the heck that doesn't
happen!..unless that person has been prepared. yup. that's it.

Tow-away. Lucky, because of the Goodness of our loving God our car was
not towed away! So we go to contact this referral and because of all
the snow we were stuck parking on the side of the road. And so we walk
around to this mans house, to give him the bible for his son. We walk
away and I realize! What the heck! Where was my testimony for this man
perishing in unbelief! I walk away in sadness. Realizing what I have
done, and then I get in the car, pull out, and then sister Spiteri
goes uh sister..look at this sign! "Tow away zone" and then I look
behind me, A COP! I was 5 seconds away from not being in my car and
being towed.

But yeah! So his email was a flop! But I will see you all next week :)
have a great week!


-Sister Wagner

P.s. We survived the snow. It was a pathetic storm.

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