Tuesday, February 2, 2016

See you in TWOO days!!

Well, this is it.

I can't believe it. My mission has come to a close as of tomorrow. And
Wednesday I will be on my way back to the 207. I have absolutely loved
my mission with everything that I am. I am so blessed to have had the
chance to serve the Lord.

This is going to be short because, hey, I'm going to be home in two
days. YIKES. I just wanted to wrap it all up by leaving with you all
with my testimony.

On my mission I have seen the gospel in action. I have seen how Christ
can literally strengthen us in all things. He can lift us up. He is in
our lives as we let him in. God answers prayers. He cares. How blessed
are we to be under the care of a perfect being that knows exactly what
we need at all times if we are open with him and trust him.

My mission has straight up changed my life. Not a day will go by ever
in my life that I will not be grateful for this opportunity.

God Bless Kentucky.

I will see you all soon! Like really. 2 days.

-Sister Wagner

Daniel Boones Grave with the Frankfort Missionaries!

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