Monday, January 18, 2016

The Unthinkable!

The unthinkable has happened.

This week has been going on like normal yeah yeah all is well. Then I
get a little tickle in my throat. No problem! Pop a cough drop in! Mmm
but then it gets a little sore. That isn't too weird that happen to
people all the time. Oh and then I wake up and I sound like a boy hit
puberty! Well that is unfortunate! Things must go on! And I can just
laugh about how my voice is cracking and I'm coughing a little but
more! All is fun and games until I up and loose my voice come
yesterday! FOR REAL!? Talk about things that I DO NOT have time for!!
I woke up yesterday and things were not doing so good...whispering my
life away..and that takes A LOT of air so I would be getting dizzy all
the time because I don't shut up. And so my companion calls the nurse
and was like HEY my comp is struggling.. And she was like mmmm She
needs to stop talking completely. WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I mean I'm
sister Wagner.. Talking is my life here.... SUPER not fun being a
missionary when you can't teach a lesson. And then when your comp is
teaching and you want to make a comment and so you write it down...and
by the time you write it down...the comment doesn't apply anymore. It
is just super inconvenient.. And that is an understatement.

*Before this next story, quick side note: just before I got here, the
Elders in the next town over (still in our Ward though) and the
sisters here switched apartments for safety reasons*

So this week we get a call from the Elders. Then they proceed to tell
me that they received my "Trunky Papers" AKA my flight itinerary.
Opened it.. And then decided to read to me all my flights and layovers
over the phone. Aren't they just the greatest!? I mean I didn't mind
too much but we were just talking and then I go speechless! Things are
getting just too real up in here. I mean.. You know the time is coming
close..but when you are holding it in your hands and all that..totally
different story and emotions come over you. Not gonna lie.. had a mini
break down. But of course no tears..#Heartless Oh and for those of you
who may not know.. I will be home in like... Uh.. 2 weeks or so. if
you want to know more just ask :)

Sometimes as a missionary you have to clear out some Ward information
and you need to track people down, Sadly this week out partner in
crime, Mallory wasn't with yeah we are all dressed up and
hunting people down. Just like the FBI or something epic like
that...but not exactly because we don't have the means to not get
lost..or not find an address..So we take a little journey that
shouldn't take us that long...into the middle of no where. And it was
quite the adventure full of mishaps. NEVER have I ever driven down a
road...turned to the other end, turn around...just to
drive back and finally find the house I'm looking for! Another
example.. My companion getting blood drawn from a dog..NOOO she didn't
get bit...the cute little dog just wanted to scrape it's nasty
paw/finger nails into her legs! #IWearTights #BodyArmor It took us
only the whole afternoon to try like 4 houses to only be successful
with about 2. That is half of the fun of being a missionary!

Redefining Trunky: For those who do not know what trunky means..It
simply means just thinking about and planning what you will
home. So this is the question that I keep receiving. Sister Wagner,
are you trunky yet? Now.. There is an Elder in my ward, Elder Bennett,
who goes home, back to the land of Canada at the same time I do. And
now for missionaries going home there is this amazing program the
church has made called: My Plan. You work on it during your study
time..and what do you do for this you ask? You make goals for what you
are going to do when you get home. This week I will be setting goals
and making plans for "Dating and Temple Marriage" Elder Bennett and I
had a nice discussion about how we need to redefine the word trunky
because now the prophet has directed us to think about all these
things that would once classify us "Trunky" missionaries. And for the
record. I'm still working out here people. :)

I hope that you all are having an amazing week! And accomplishing all
of your New Years goals! Hopefully you actually still remember them.
Remember..a goal not written down isn't a goal at all! :) I love you
and miss you all!

-Sister Wagner

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