Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gettin sleepy!

The time of my mission is starting to fly by so fast I can't keep up
with the things that happened and I have no idea what to even write
about come Monday every these last emails of my mission
aren't going to be that great. Haha Life gets busier, faster, and more
tiring as things go on so just a pre-warning that these might be less
than stellar.

So my hero, Mallory, once again came to my rescue all the way from
Jasper to be our little helper and to keep me alive. It was SOO
awesome to see her and spend time with her as we made the incredible
journey to see 15 less active members that the we as missionaries in
the Frankfort Ward hadn't met or wanted current information about. So
the Elders, knowing Mallory was coming to drive us all around,
complied a list of people that we needed to see. 13 in the town awhile
from us and 2 more in the sticks of the town. We make our journey...
Trying all of them in less than the time we were expecting. Oh man, as
a missionary you meet some crazy people, bless their hearts. But it
was good! As we tell the Elders our accomplishments, they were quick
to give us an additional 5 people to our list of visits that day. We
busted those puppies out too making a whopping 20 less actives visited
in one day. To say we killed it would be an understatement, we are
just total bosses. Although none of the people wanted us to teach a
lesson to them...we still got valuable information :) #MissionaryWork
We only had one terribly awkward run in...but I'm going to leave that
out of this email. Ask me about it sometime, it was pretty hilarious!

Sometimes you meet totally amazing people on the side of the road,
like this one man we met this week, Ryan! He was so kind and eager to
listen to what we had to say and he invited us to come back! So we
drop by later in the week to talk to him about the gospel and his wife
was home so he invited us in! What a kind man! We sit down and talk to
him for a little bit, I don't think his wife made eye contact with us
once! And we even tried to be nice and talked to her and everything!
Ryan said that she wasn't having a very good day so we left it at that.
We set up a better time to come back because well, happy wife happy because she was in a bad mood, we are going back later this
week! We walked out of that place after about 5 minutes and I think
anyone would have thought we were smokers! Goodness I love Kentucky!
It's times when you walk out of a place like that smelling like an
angel that I really love what I do and where I'm doing
that!...seriously! Cigarette smoke defines my mission!

Imagine, we just had an extremely revelatory meeting with our mission
president, we are happy, spirit filled, and tired, but still have some
work to do! Not to mention we had just cleaned our car for inspections
that were earlier. On our way to an appointment we decide to take a
little detour to try someone that Sister Spiteri had met awhile back.
We pull in and I nearly charge over this dog that comes running down
this hill into the driveway. And then comes 2 more that I nearly take
out. But I didn't, have no fear. So Sister Spiteri knows that me and
dogs don't get along, and that it's situations like this that just
make my dog bite tingle! She takes one for the team and goes to get
out of the car first. She gets out. And the dog nearly jumps in!
Putting its nasty mud paws on our seat. The damage was minimal. And
then I open my door and get mauled by this muddy golden Retriever.
Thank goodness for my coat or I would have been in trouble! Luckily my
lovely companion took hold of the situation while I was trying to hold
myself together and not kick the dogs. We survived, the lady was nice
enough and she took care of the dogs so that we could leave without
hitting them, or them killing us.

ALRIGHT!  Well I hope you are doing well! Have a fantastic week!

-Sister Wagner

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