Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm Gigi!

This week. Hermana Magalei and I got a new companion! His name is
Chuck. Chuck, however, is not a real person. He is this little box,
that is plugged into our cars computer and takes note on 3 things: 1.
speed. 2. seat belts and 3. aggressive driving (aka how fast we turn
or break, or accelerate.) Needless to say Chuck is pretty smart. And
will tell our Mission President if we are a bad driver... We will be
driving down the road when you hear "check your speed" Chuck is a
device called the TiWi. It's to insure safe driving. A very handy
audible mentor. When we first heard we were getting these I almost
died and wanted to just hand over the keys and my driving privileges
right then..turns our Chuck isnt all bad. Totally could be worse!
#safedriving 🚗😅

GIGI. Yeah that is my new name apparently. So this week I got to go on
Exchange with my trainee's trainee! And it was awesome! Sister Shumway
is an amazing person! And makes me want to do better! :) SO this week
we had a lesson as I was in Mt. Vernon for the day. So we went to go
see this woman named Lana. Lana might be VERY crazy. At the beginning
of the lesson Lana asked what our first names were. We decided in this
situation it might not be the best idea to give it out. So she decided
to give them to us. Sister Shumway is "Sam or Samantha" and then she
looks at me and she goes "you look different, you look more
European...I'm going to call you Gigi" Uh thanks?  And the whole lesson
whenever I started to talk she would go "Oh look now Gigi is coming
in!" It was a very interesting lesson...that went no where...but at
least it was entertaining!  ⁉️

This week we reset one of our baptismal dates...FOR HALLOWEEN! Happy
Halloween to us! We get to see a baptism! We have been teaching this
hispanic family for awhile now. And one of the daughters, Anna
SKY ROCKETING in her progression! She loves coming to church and
Wednesday night activities. And loves it all! But she is the only one
in her whole family that comes to church! So we asked her if she
wanted to get baptized sooner than what we were planning.. and she was
just like "WHEN CAN I GET BAPTIZED!?" And this sunday she was so
excited to ask someone to baptize her. We are so excited! 🎃

This week we had the very first ever Evansville Zone fireside. Where
everyone in the zone gets together with investigators, recent converts
and members to share conversion stories. Usually they have these in
Louisville, KY and Lexington, KY, But we never go because Lousiville
is a whooping 2 hours away. So we had our own! Needless to say it was
a terrible idea because 1/2 the zone didnt come. Cheers to the 20
people that did.🔥

I think also that I might be dying. My companion and I have been dying
from exhaustion for the past week. That is when you know you are doing
the work of the Lord when you can hardly move by lunch time and by
dinner you cant even make yourself food. What did we buy today at the
store? Hot pockets.. Cup of Noodles.. Popcorn...because we know we
will just be too tired to cook. Just eating like elders these days and
loving it! 🍜

"The diarrhea was uncontrollable at that point, and I'm a gagger so
that's not a good thing."
"You do you boo"

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY GIRL MALPAL! Mallory is an amazing recent concert
as of February. She is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I could talk
her up all day because she has change my life and is one of my best
friends!! SHE HAS CHOSEN TO SERVE A MISSION Y'ALL!!!!!!!! And she has
allowed me the privilege to share it with the world. Not to
mention..she bore her testimony at the fireside last night in
Evansville!! And on top of all that, oh yes there's more, she spent
her fall break driving us around so we could save miles. LOVE YOU MAL!

Have an amazing week! Change lives with your smiles! :) I love you
all! Have an amazing week!

-Sister Wagner
Classic Comp Pic!

Driving our lives away!

Exchanges with Hermana Crowther and our driver Mallory!

Sister bickers makes sister Shumway and I wear her extra hats

When you are getting fed every night this week!

Reppin that Kentucky Blue!

Sisters Stephens, Magalei, me and Shumway

This is what happens when we have to wait for rides
, isThis

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