Thursday, November 5, 2015

I love this life!

I am going to be straight with you all. I am the WORST at biking.
Actually..truth be told I'm not that bad. I just am not the biggest
fan. After scaring events from the beginning of my mission, I had the
chance to spend Wednesday on a bike. The poor sisters serving in the
city of Evansville. They are without a car... and they live outside
their assigned area to work in. We just had to bike 10ish+ miles.. and
on top of that biking down the busiest road you have ever seen...being
passed by semi trucks and dodging pot holes and biking down a road
comparable to a highway. Then add me having to puke because i made the
poor decision to stuff my face just before the decision to bike my
heart out. I think I have asthma..or I'm just out of shape... it is
probably the latter of the two... but either way I have problems.  I'm
a survivor. 🚴🏽😓

There is nothing more satisfying being a missionary, then showing
others the love that God has for us. This week we taught a lesson to
this girl who feels as though God is distant. And her brother that
just feels completely confused about what to believe. It is such a
tender opportunity to share your testimony, what you KNOW to be true
and how it can bless their lives more than anything else. When other
time in my life, would I be able to do that? I love my mission because
of those opportunities that I have to bear sincere testimony of my
savior to those who don't know.

This happened again as we were able to sit with a young, 13 year old
girl. Who spent the time expressing the hardship of things that i
couldn't even imagine what it would be like to go through, abuse,
neglect, and it was so sad to see and feel the pain to some degree
that she had gone through, and be able to feel that compassion for
her. I'm so blessed to be where I am and doing what I am doing.

We are teaching this woman, Pam. We love this woman, she is
fantastic! Besides the fact...she might not be all there? maybe crazy?
So this lovely week we had the chance to meet with her as we do so
often. But this week was different because she was going on about
every negative thing in the world, in the most negative way. It is so
heartbreaking to hear someone who is just so hopeless because they
wont do what you are sure will help them. Negativity chases the spirit
right out the door...and then some breaking down all sense of peace
and comfort that comes from God's gift of the spirit. So we told
Pam, hey, we want you to come to church. and she finally breaks out
of her depressing tangent and say "Im going on sunday, get me up out
of bed and get me out the door" YES MAM. and when we ask her how we
should get in the house..? "The doors unlocked just walk in..." OKAY!
So Sunday morning we did just that...and she gets up and goes.
alllllllrighty then.

Anne is getting baptized on Saturday! We are SOOO excited to help
her get there this week! She is the sweetest girl and the change in
her has been remarkable. AT the beginning, when we started teaching
her family, she wasn't interested! And we hardly saw her at all. But
with the help of Heavenly Father we figured out how to help her be
interested and come closer to him.

This work is REAL.

That moment when...
...your investigator flips a lid are always exhausted spend a day on a bike have a baptism coming up!

Thanks MUM! For the bag of candy and the note<3 you are the best!

I love you all! And I'm so grateful for how much time you all have
spent supporting and praying in my behalf! Have a great week! Be
strong and rely on God! :)

-Sister Wagner

(**Names have been changed for the protection of those involved**)

on the 25th of every is Christmas and you celebrate..

 Sister Achee and I after our exchange, she is such a sweet sister

Sister Bush and Sister Magalei, Myself and Sister Achee!

#YOLO is that still a thing?

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