Saturday, March 22, 2014

Me... A mission blogger...SAY WHAT?

I caved. I am now a part of the blog world...I only hope I can keep this up...and really become an avid blogger.

 First..a couple disclaimers...a couple as in a literal in TWO.

1. My grammar is awful.

Im the kid with lots of circles on their paper and teacher telling them to PROFF READ...but let's be serious... ain't nobody got time fo dat.

2. I think I am funnier than I actually am.

I laugh at myself and think I am really clever...while in the mean time others are looking at me bug eyed as I laugh at my so-called-wit and repeat my so-called-clever remarks to others who unfortunately didn't hear the first time...

So here I am. A part of the LDS Sister Missionary bloggers. Not going to lie, this was not in my plans and I totally thought it was a silly idea..I felt like I would be talking to myself, BUT IM GOING FOR IT. Who knows if it will even help anyone else besides myself but I might as well give it a go..

I am going to TRY to make all my posts a spicy read, so I can become the 6th spice girl, ANNDDD so you all won't want to poke your eyes out.

I don't even like reading..and if you don't either... I am gonna make this worth your while.


-- Sister Wagner

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