Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This was a good week filled with Miracles and A LOT of heat. It got a
little crazy with the weather. Now I want you all to imagine for a
moment with me.. Humidity 10 times as bad as the humidity in maine...
and then 93 degrees on top of that....now lets keep this going for a
bit..imagine biking up a hill in a skirt....while you forgot your
water bottle, and your companion forgot hers...in the car...
#pitstainsfordays 😰🚴🏽 It got pretty intense. But we did it! And we
were blessed for it! #blessingsofthebike__ we were able to meet this
wonderful woman named Lucy...or something. She was so sweet and
totally open to hearing our message. And if we hadn't biked that day,
we would have never met her!

On Tuesday Sister Matthews and I had a meeting in Louisville with the
other leaders in the mission, and our mission President. It was so
spirit filled. The spirit was like a wall. It was amazing. The
Assistants to the President gave such an inspirational message about
being bold and telling people straight up how it is and give them a
clear choice about what it is that we offer as missionaries. And for
those who don't know what we offer as missionaries here is it: We are
offering salvation. Joy and Peace. We don't represent just another
church, but we represent the Church of Jesus Christ. After centuries
of being lost, our loving heavenly father again called a prophet to
restore...not reform the church that Jesus Christ himself organized.
And in his church is God's authority, his power to bless and uplift
all men. The evidence you ask? The Book of Mormon, another testament
of Jesus Christ. Not something to take away from the Bible. or add to
it..but stand next to it as another witness that Jesus Christ is the
Savior of the world. It is something that we can hold..ponder and pray
about and see if it came from God. SO all those that get this email..
that is what I invite you to do. Because this is Jesus Christ's church
and can bless your life and add to the faith you already have. We as
missionaries are not meaning to take away people's faith...but to add
to the truths they already love. If you have questions....seriously
please ask. It is truly life changing.

Wednesday we spent sometime in Charlestown with the sisters there!! We
had a blast. I spent the day with Sister Webb who just came out on her
mission about a month ago! She's from Idaho and lives on a dairy farm
with 10,000 cows...She is AWESOME! We had such a fun day! We put into
play the training that the assistants gave us about being bold. It's
truly the recipe to success!! We were able to set 4 baptismal dates!
And find 3 new people to teach! And 3 of those dates...came from the
first lesson we had with the people. Sister Webb may be new to the
mission, but she is a fire cracker and she really knows the gospel.
She is ready to teach and testify at any given point and was ready to
be bold. She was so sweet as she expressed that this was the best day
on her mission so far and I was so happy to have had the chance to
spend it with her! The Lord really blessed our efforts because we
never slowed down! It was such a good day and I was able to meet a lot
of wonderful people. People want this message. There are those who God
has prepared to know the truth!!! πŸ˜„

Thursday, that was the day we were biking in the outrageous weather.
We went to this apartment complex. We felt like we should knock on
this certain door, so we did. And this man comes out. yells: HERMANAS!
ANd then goes inside for a second... we just kind of stand there and
are like oh no..and he comes back with an "El Libro de Mormon" (the
book of Mormon) and starts speaking really loud spanish...and stoping
and asking us if we understand.. and we just shake our heads...this
man speaks zero english and is just going on and on..😧in a
panic..Sister Matthews just kind of nods at him as im despritaly
texting and calling the Hermanas that are serving about an hour from
us to try to get what this guy is saying because we are really lost.
In the mean time he is bringing out a map of the US and all his
ties.....They finally answer and they are on the phone with him for 30
minutes...speaking spanish...and this guy is like yelling into the
phone and then he finally gives us the phone and the Hermanas tell us
what he was saying. First they tell us he is Cuban so his spanish
sounds like yelling..and then they tell us.. HE IS A MEMBER! and
joined the church recently in Louisville and moved up here and had no
idea where the church was at and no one that spoke spanish knew where
the church was at and he couldn't find it or anything!  Although we had
no idea what he was saying the whole time it was for sure a miracle.
We go back on sunday to show him the way...and it was the same
situation. This time we called up a member of our ward that speaks
spanish and we find out that he didn't feel well but wanted to follow
us to the church to know where it was. When we got there he got out of
his car.. looked up at the church and just bowed his head and prayed
to himself. The gratitude that was on his face was unmistakeable. What
a blessing it was to help him!

Sister Matthews and I were really searching out those who are ready..
and in our hunt for those people..we decided to knock some doors. πŸšͺ
It was fun! we make it interesting that is for sure! The other day
when we were knocking this man answers and we start talking. (SIDE
NOTE: we always carry a book of Mormon in our hand) after a little
while we offer this man a book of Mormon and he gladly accepts. So
Sister Matthews and I both go to hand it...then we both put it down
because we see the other one...we both offer and take it down probably
5 times.. The man just laughs and says: STOP. Pick a number between 1
and 5...what why? because you two need to settle this. Pick a number.
Not to mention as we were wrapping up our conversation we both say, at
the same time: "do you have...." we stop and just start cracking up.
and he is like...let me guess what you are going to say...do you have
a day time phone?" haha yes that is exactly what we were going to ask.
Then he says, if you all aren't starting each others sentences you are
finishing them. haha it was a fun time that's for sure. We go to
another door and we start singing kind of softly harmonizing for fun
with each other. 🎀 ..then this guy opens the door and gave us the
funniest look ever...We are pretty sure he must have heard us....
Obviously we weren't that good because he wasn't interested. But HEY!
We tried!

We found a celebrities house this week! We don't know who's house it
was...but we are pretty sure they decoyed it to look like no one was
home... The house was huge and was this gray brick and was like 3
stories high and one whole side of this house was
windowless......suspicious right? We just keep knocking the thing to
see if someone comes out....we may or may not have peaked in the
window...it looked abandoned....we also asked a neighbor if someone
lived there..they said yes but that they were gone most of the
time....All signs point to famous.

THat moment when you see this picture of tinkerbell and think it is a
picture of the first vision...oops...#missionaryminded

Or that moment after a door knock when you say "peace" to the
person... #didntmeanto

That moment when you realize your time of being a teenager is nearly complete..
#realadult #20onthe20th πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ˜³πŸ˜† I cant believe how time flies...


"It's like Good cop bad cop...but better because we're serving Jesus"
-The Elders....

"I should tell my wife to learn spanish...she'd be good at that..she
is one of those freaky smart people"

"Maybe I will get frog eggs and grow a bond with it"

"My friend Hayley had a bag in her throat..and if she talked...she
would die. If I had that..I would want to talk..just to see what would

"What happens when siri takes over? I am pretty sure she will and we
will all die."

"She hissed at me and it really hurt me heart"

"George...he was my imaginary friend last year, he died of Eboli."


THANK YOU DAD AND BRENDA for the late easter package! ;)

I hope you all have an amazing week and you do some fun stuff! Summer
is officially here as of Sunday! and it is only going to get hotter
from here! So stay cool! ...literally!


Hanging with the minion! (thanks angie&marissa!)

Sister Webb!

HEADED TO MLC (the leadership meeting in Louisville)

After biking all day!

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