Monday, June 8, 2015

Doing some sweating

How in the world are we 8 days into June already????? I'm very baffled.
And confused about how time can go so fast. I have a theory that
missions are on a completely different time continuum than any other
part of our lives and that there is a very real possibility that all
missionaries live in their own little bubble with their own measure of
time. Because we are pretty much done this month..okay that might be a
little drastic.. but in all reality time has NEVER gone this fast in
my life. A common phrase used by missionaries everywhere : The days
feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like months. #truth

This week we were back to exchanges and blitz's It was weird to be
back to STL living. On Tuesday I spent the day with Sister Stephens
here in Jasper! It was awesome! Maybe not awesome teaching lessons
wise because all our plans fell through but we were able to talk to
tons of people! It was awesome! Something really awesome happened
while we were walking around! We hear the voice of a little boy say
"SENORITAS SENORITAS!!" We look back and don't see anything so we keep
walking, we hear it again and look back and see two 8 or so year old
boys looking at us, they mutter some things in Spanish, and we shake
our heads to indicate we don't understand, then they yell.. "ARE YOU
LADIES FROM THE CHURCH!?" Confused but excited, we walk up and begin
talking to them. He said he would go and get his dad, who didn't  come
out because he wasn't interested. But we stood and talked to this group
of 4 boys. We told them who we are and what we do and they were so
excited! They wanted to learn and we told that they would have to talk
to their parents, they hung their heads and just said "I wish you
could teach us more about Jesus, we would really like that" It was so
sad to see that there are little children who are prepared but are
kept from of the truth because of outside influences. We gave them
each one of our cards and told them to give it to their parents. We
also gave them a book of Mormon and they lit up like no other. They
passed it around and flipped through it and thought it was the coolest
thing ever! As we say good-bye and walk away they yell "We had the
best day ever all because we met you!" It was such a sweet experience!

On Wednesday Sister Matthews and I were livin' in Evansville for the
day! It was great! I spent the day working with Sister Bunker! We had
a blast! We just jumped from appointment to appointment and spent the
day teaching the gospel to everyone that we possibly could! It was
great! We got to see some really funny old ladies! And they are just
so sweet! It was a really awesome day! We were teaching a Lady named
Jane, she's a riot, and we shared with her a video on our handy-dandy
iPads, and it clicked! and she began to understand the things that we
were saying to her. The iPads are amazing that way. They have a way of
breaking things down and painting a picture for these people so they
can understand. IT IS AWESOME. πŸ“±

SO a miracle that happened when Sister Matthews and I were actually in
our area: We decide to stop by at one of Our investigators house,
Dean, We were stopping by unexpectedly and we were really wanting to
meet with him because it had been a little while! SO we knock on the
door and his son comes and tells us that he was just going to sleep.
As we walk away a little disappointed we hear "WAIT! He wants to meet
with you!" MIRACLE! We were able to talk with him and he apologized
for missing our last appointment so he couldn't miss us again. It was
such a tender mercy that we were able to see. God's hand it most
certainly in our lives!! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Also update on roadkill...Sister Matthews killed a bird. Well..the
fact if it was killed or not is unsure.. but! It was hit...and there
was a bump... #indianabirdprobs 🐦

So during a lesson with Clay, a recent convert.. we were sitting
there talking (SIDE NOTE: we are not allowed to laugh in his lessons
because he is paranoid and things anytime anyone laughs it's at him)
And we look out the window and what to we see, this dog...pooping..and
it was struggling...hardcore. not really sure what was happening but
sisters Matthews and I think poop is hilarious and we just start
cracking up! And then we freak out because we think that he going to
get all upset so we are trying to catch ourselves and apologize about
a million times for the out burst and we had to explain that we were
laughing at a dog trying to poop. #poopprobsπŸ’©

As missionaries we are encouraged to serve our companions. But
sometimes it's really hard when they are clean and make their bed and
cook food and all you have to get original. This
week...Sister Matthews served me by getting out my vitamin from the
jar because she knew I'd forget and she was already getting out her
own #presh #loveher πŸ’Š

This week..I also ate an ice cream cone the size of my head...Done in
25 minutes. #thanksMallory


"I sit on the toilet and water would just drip on my butt"🚽
"each rainbow means I taught a unicorn about this scripture"🌈
A ladies dogs were barking during a lesson so she exclaims: "I CAN'T
"I'm all about smelling good because, ya know, I got a strong nose"πŸ‘ƒπŸΌ


*sister squeeze here*


I hope that you all have a fantastic week and are having a blast doing
all the things normal people do in the summer! Yesterday was 91
degrees and miserably humid. πŸ˜“ We got to walk to a mister at a
members house though! in our skirts...luckily we didnt get wet at was quite frightening. ANYWAY! I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!

*****Email me during the week too! I can get them and read them right
away so send away! I would love reading them! that means you too mum


(all names have been changed for the privacy of the investigators)

we did some tie-dying!

Ice cream the size of my head!

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