Sunday, May 4, 2014


Again I had a writers block! (who knew those actually existed?) Then I was inspired after watching the YSA CES broadcast that was directed by M. Russell Ballard! It was an inspiring meeting to say the least. I decided that I would talk a little about his topic of Technology! And use the blogging world to share those thoughts and make technology my slave :) 

According to my title, I will be talking about tech-know-logy, and tech-no-logy a little bit! And I will admit…I am sometimes…well, more than sometimes a slave to technology and that is something I am not proud of. I truly truly hope that I will not be as connected to technology as I am now when I return from my mission, but the meeting tonight has sparked me to really think about how much I use technology and I am going to really try to tone it down. M. Russell Ballard was right when he said that we need to focus on REAL people and REAL connections, not just the ones we can make online. 


This is the technology that would make the missionaries proud, your bishops proud, Parents proud, HEAVENLY FATHER proud. Using it to uplift, strengthen, testify! To connect! (not connecting with those that are in the other room, or that you see everyday, but rather those you don't get the chance to check up on in person. ex. my wonderful family that lives out of state, across the county). We can use technology to TESTIFY. Lately that is my biggest use of Facebook. I don't have much to say on Facebook…because i don't have much of a life.. but the part of my life that is most important, I am able to share…THE GOSPEL! I post quotes by apostles, videos, and goals, things about my mission, picture captions that share my testimony! And I have even expanded it to Instagram by posting things with my mission call, my church calling, and the true meaning of Easter. I have found that I get likes from the most random people, that might not have even thought about what I had posted ever before. But it is sharing the light. Sharing the gospel, which is what many of those who read my blog will be doing full-time as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! SO why not start now? Oh and also I guess school work can also go under this category. But for real…ew.


Is the technology use that would make your momma shake her head and say "oh-no-no child. NO." It is that excessive refreshing, the continual scrolling, and the mindless reading. Lezzzz-be honest here, I think we are all guilty of checking Facebook, realizing nothing is on it, then checking it again not even 5 minutes later because obviously in those 5 minutes something drastically life changing has happened and it will be on there….then realizing is that someone decided to post the millionth picture of their cat..(which I mean is pretty cute…BUT STILL…not the point). Think of all the scripture you can read in that time! what if..every time we were about to use Tech-NO-logy we would click on the scripture app instead..if we read as many verses as scripture as we did Facebook posts or tweets..Think about how fast each one of us could finish the Book of Mormon! Or how much extra strength we would receive if we did that. It is unfathomable people. SERIOUSLY.   

SO we have the good and the bad of technology, but let's make it all good. Let's use tech-know-logy and help people to KNOW and expand their knowledge as well as our own. That is never a bad thing. The most people can do about you testifying about the gospel is roll their eyes…but guess what? YOU CANT SEE IT! :) And getting weird comments, YAY for the delete option! I hope that we all can make the challenge to only use tech-know-logy..the only down side…would be reading more scripture! OH WAIT, that is a GREAT thing. No excuses. Just do it. And for most of you…you won't have instagram…Facebook(at least how we do now) or…twitter… or any of that in a few months anyway, so lets get used to it! 

Happy Sunday, may it be spiritually bright! 

--Sister Wagner

Like I said…let's get used to it now..

Start now! 

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